Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Legend of Eneron Soul

     On October 13, 2013, in place called Anchorage, Alaska, a family called the Williams, had almost finished moving into their new house. They had moved there from Los Angeles, California, to get away from the big city, which was polluted, crowded, had rolling blackouts, and lots of crime. They only had about seven pieces of furniture left to unload from the moving truck that they had rented.
     Their house has very large, and also out in the country, away from everyone else in town. The Williams also heard that there were three families and the first owner, that had died in the house. It would be such an awful shame if something bad happened to them, too. They had about 113 thousand square feet of land on their property.
     Olivia, who was 21, and the oldest, was helping her father, Mr. Garrett Williams, unload the heavy furniture, like the dressers and cabinets. Jordan, who was 19, and the second oldest, was helping his mother, Mrs. Tracy Williams, unload the lighter furniture into the house. Jack, who was 18, and the youngest, was getting all of the other things that they needed into their new house.
     "Dad! I still don't like this house; it's weird!" Muttered Olivia.
     Mr. Williams replied, "Oh, come on! It isn't that bad, also: we payed good money for this beautiful house."
     Jack added, "Dang! This is a nice house, but it is very creepy. Why does it look so old?"
     Jack was right, though. This house was very, very, old. It was owned by a person from the 1800s, its appearance did not disappoint. It was three stories tall, four if you count the basement, and had 8 very large bedrooms. But, they did have reason to fear this beautiful house, named Eneron Manor. Its first owners started a lifelong curse on the it. On 1813, a trespasser named Jon walked onto the property surrounding the house, looking for a rocket that he launched. The person that owned the house, named Eneron, found Jon, knocked him unconscious, and drug his body down to the basement. Eneron didn't like anyone being near his house. Eneron took Jon into his basement, to hang Jon's body from a meat hook by his neck. People say that Eneron's ghost still trapped is in the house, on a killing spree, ever looking for even more people to kill.
     Once all of them were in the house, they finished setting up the rest of their furniture that they had brought in. They had already finished getting the TVs and beds, so when the other things were set up, they watched TV and got some sleep.
     17 days later, on October 30, the Williams woke up, and went to have breakfast.
     Jordan asked his parents, "So, uh, what are we gonna do tomorrow for Halloween?"
     "We might go to one of those fancy haunted houses." Replied Mr. Williams.
     They really did want to go to the haunted house, so they started to plan all the rest of the day. When it was time to go to bed, they turned the lights off, and went to the second floor, where their bedrooms were. That night, they all went to bed at 7:00 PM, to wake up extra early the next day. It's funny how they all thought that there would be a next day for them, isn't it?
     The Sun had long since gone, so the house had gone dark. It also began to rain softly. Around 7:06, they all started to drift asleep. Just as she was drifting out of consciousness, Olivia heard a noise from downstairs. Smash! It sounded like a ceramic plate drop and shatter.
     "What was that?" Jack called from his room.
     From his room, Mr. Williams replied, "I have no idea."
     Jack jumped from his bed, and grabbed his katana and flashlight. He walked from his room, and shone the light down the stairs.
     "Don't worry guys, I got this. If it's dangerous, I'll attack it."
     Jack jumped down the stairs, ready to attack whatever was down there. He made his way to the kitchen, where he found a broken plate on the floor. The window above the sink also appeared to be cracked, with rainwater leaking through it. He then heard a creepy noise from right behind him. It sounded like a toilet choking on, and regurgitating slime. He froze. His heart began to race, and his body started to shake. He very slowly turned around and shone his light in the face, of the humanoid creature, standing right behind him.
     Everyone that was upstairs then heard something get slammed into the wall, a choking noise, and then an awful smash from downstairs. Bam! Thump! Smash! They thought that Jack had attacked whatever was down there.
     Jordan got out of his bed, went to the top of the stairs, and called down, "Did you get it?" No answer. He asked again, louder, "Did you get it?" No answer. Jordan went to his room, grabbed his flashlight, and flew down the stairs. He ran into the kitchen, but did not see Jack. He shone his light down the hall, leading into the living room. He saw that the 72" TV had been knocked onto the floor, along with the two speakers next to it. One of the speakers had a dim red glow coming from inside of it.
     In front of the TV, something dark was all over the carpet. As he walked closer, he noticed that the stain on the floor was a deep red color, and that it smelled very bad. He said, "Jack, if this a joke, save it for tomorrow." He then noticed a leg protruding from under the TV. Jordan stooped down, grabbed it, and pulled. The leg was very light, but wasn't attached to a body. Jack jumped back in surprise, and then noticed something next to the speaker: a dismembered arm. Jack spun around the room, seeing more and more chunks of Jack's body littering the floor, and staining the carpet. Four left.
     Jordan shot up the stairs, screaming, "He's dead! He's dead!"
     "What?" Asked Olivia, leisurely meandering out of her room.
     "He was torn apart and thrown across the floor!"
     At that point, both Mr. and Mrs. Williams were put of their room, confused as to what Jordan was talking about.
     Olivia was about to go downstairs herself, because she didn't believe a word of what Jordan was saying. Once Olivia was at the top of the stairs, she heard the same half choke, half gurgling noise that Jack had heard. Then she saw two dim, yellow slits, staring at her. She immediately felt cold and dizzy.
     "Ok, m-maybe this isn't such a good idea."
     Mr. and Mrs. Williams looked down with Olivia, to see the eye-like slits looking back at up at them. Mr. Williams reached for the light, but as he turned it on, he heard a low, long hum, meaning that the power had just failed.
     Mr. Williams whispered, "Whatever that is at the bottom of the stairs, it's gonna be dead in thirty seconds."
     He ran towards his room, and got his 40" shotgun from his closet. Everyone looked at him as he came back. He looked down the stairs, but the eyes were gone.
     He muttered, "Dang it. Okay, uh, whatever's down there, it is out for blood, so we need to stay away from it. I think that the safest place right now is the attic."
     They all made their way up the stairs to the attic, where they spent about ten minutes, hiding. At 7:21, they heard a knock at the door.
     Mrs. Williams breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank God, it's the police."
     She sprang up and ran down to the door, despite everyone else telling her to come back. She flung open the front door, and let out a shriek of fear. A giant humanoid creature lunged at her, and tore her apart, throwing her entrails and blood-stained clothes up the stairs. Three left.
     Everyone upstairs heard her scream, and heard what was left of her hitting the wall at the top of the stairs. Jordan vomited on the floor. Then all three of them heard the gurgling noise from behind them. Olivia shot down the stairs, with Jordan and Mr. Williams following close behind. Olivia looked behind them, and shone her flashlight at the creature following them. It looked like a very tall human, with long fingers, and a horselike head. But instead of being physical, the creature was running along the wall, as a shadow. When they were at the stairs leading to the first floor, the creature attacked. It lunged from its shadow form, out of the wall, and tackled Mr. Williams all the way down the stairs, tore his torso open, grabbed something out of him, and jumped into the darkness. Two left.
     But Olivia got a much clearer view of the monster now. Its horselike head was green, with a darker green mane. Its eyes were black with yellow slits in them, and its whole humanoid body, was also green, like its head. It was wearing black sweatpants, pink slippers, and a purple hoodie, with a strange symbol on it.
     Olivia and Jordan both stopped and ran into the nearest bathroom, and closed and locked the door. They both had their flashlights on and pointed at the door.
     Jordan began to whisper, "Okay, d-don't worry, uh, uh, this is all just a bad dream, yeah! And uh, a-and were gonna wake up any second, and go to the haunted house, j-just like Dad said." He began to tremble and hyperventilate.
     He jumped up and said, "Okay, uh, Olivia, just stay here, I'm gonna go call the police."
     Olivia replied, "No, I can't let you."
     "Don't worry Olivia, I'll uh, be fine. My phone is right next to the bathroom."
     "No, you're not thinking straight. But hey, if you're stupid enough to go out there and get eaten, then that's on you."
     Jordan opened the bathroom door and walked out, closing it behind him. Olivia heard something sprint past the door, tackle Jordan to the ground, and tear him apart. One left.
     Olivia looked at the door of the bathroom and yelled, "Why are you doing this to me?"
     A cold voice replied, "Because all of humanity has always been out to get me."
     "Ever since I was small, humanity has rejected me. Born into a family that left me at an orphanage, and having the whole world say that I wasn't important enough to live, that I wasn't smart enough to live. You humans are cruel and selfish to the weak. For that, I will make you pay, ohh, yesss, I will make all of you pay."
     Olivia knew that he did have the edge over her, as she was trapped in a bathroom. She turned away from the door, only to face Eneron, who was behind her the for a while. He had his hands in his pockets, and was smiling grimly at her.
     "Goodbye, Olivia Williams."
     Olivia closed her eyes as she felt a searing pain shoot through her, as Eneron shredded her. Zero left.
     Days later, the news was all over town: "Another family has died at the hands of Eneron Manor. They moved in, but only lasted a little over two weeks. The victims include: Olivia Williams, Jack Williams, Jordan Williams, Garrett Williams, and Tracy Williams. After the fifth murder in this mysterious house, law enforcements will close the property off to the public, and have the house demolished on an undisclosed date. The funeral for this unfortunate family will be held on Friday, November 13, at 7:06 AM. The auction for all of the Williams' possessions will be hosted on Saturday, November 21, at 8:13 AM."

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